What you need to know about the WordPress 6.0 update

What you need to know about the WordPress 6.0 update

WordPress 6.0 is the second major release of 2022, and it comes with almost 1 000 enhancements and bug fixes.

As a website owner, here are all the major updates and features you should be aware of.

Improved performance

WordPress 6.0 includes several performance updates aimed at speeding up the page loading time on your site. Queries on navigation menus have been simplified to use fewer database queries, while cache performance has been improved by looking at cache time limits and memory size of the cache.

While these improvements may be small, every bit helps improve page load time, which ultimately benefits the visitors to your site.

Improved accessibility

The update includes improvements that help make it easier for people with disabilities to use WordPress sites. People with visual impairments use programmes to describe the image content, and the ALT text describes the image. If you don’t add ALT text, WordPress will use the article title. There’s also an option to display icons and the appropriate text in the block editor, which is helpful if the icon can’t be read by an auxiliary programme.

New templates

WordPress 6.0 introduces several new templates for specific functions, including templates for displaying posts from a specific author, category, date, tag or taxonomy.

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